Chair, Larry Klein, MD, Greenfield, MA.
Family Practice Doctor, Connecticut River Internists. Appointed 2013; term ending 2018. Committee on Trustees and Personnel Policies.

Vice-Chair, Joshua D. Parker, Greenfield, MA . 
Vice President and Operations Officer, Greenfield Savings Bank. Appointed 2016; term ending 2018

Treasurer, Jay Lord, Greenfield , MA .
Founding Director of Just Roots. Co-founder and former executive director of Northeast Foundation for Children. Appointed 2011, term ending 2017. Committee on Trustees and Personnel Policy, Committee on Accountability and Program Planning.

Secretary, Regina Campbell, Greenfield , MA .
Valley Medical Group, Vice President for Clinical Operations
Appointed 2009; term ending 2018. Committee on Trustees and Personnel Policy. Parent of two FRCPS graduates.

Peter Garbus, Greenfield , MA .
Principal/Head of School, Four Rivers Charter Public School . Parent of one FRCPS student and one graduate. Ex officio. Committee on Accountability and Finance and Facilities Committee.

Tamara Grogan, Greenfield , MA .
French language educator, Greenfield High School . Parent of a FRCPS graduate. Appointed 2013; term ending 2016.

John W. Guenther, Greenfield, MA .
Retired high school Advanced Math and Science teacher. Appointed 2016; term ending 2018.

Andrew Patari, Brattleboro, VT. 
Physics and Chemistry Teacher, Four Rivers Charter Public School. Appointed 2016; term ending 2018.

Laura Stone, Greenfield, MA.  Administrative Director of Straw Dog Writers Guild.  Appointed 2017; term ending 2020.  Development Committee.