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A Public School of Choice for Franklin County

Four Rivers Charter Public School is a college preparatory middle and high school for Franklin County . The school is free and has no admission requirement -just an application. The school has excellent facilities built on an historic farmstead in Greenfield , close to Greenfield Community College and accessible from all of Franklin County. Four Rivers is affiliated with Expeditionary Learning Schools, a national non-profit organization that partners with schools to improve student achievement, build student character, enhance teacher practices, and instill a positive school culture.
Video by Andy Wallace.
Learning at Four Rivers gives students experiences through which they learn about themselves and prepare to make a difference in the world.  Watch this video and explore our website to learn more.

Classroom Observation BLOG By Peter Garbus

As Principal, I make short observations to just about every teacher’s classroom every few weeks. I take notes on what I see students working on. I usually write down the learning target(s) as well, which our teachers try to make explicit for students so they know what they’re supposed to be learning. There may be more or fewer entries for each grade, so just look to the next cycle if you don’t see as much in the current one. Teachers and I hope that sharing these notes gives you a bit more flavor and texture of what your students are doing in school.

Round 7 uploaded 04-14-15


Four Rivers students write, direct, and film a documentary movie on Cape Wind Project

Full Movie
the Making of THE FIlm