All schools have to figure out what its most important outcomes are – we simply can’t teach everything. At Four Rivers, we have determined our focus targets from the state curriculum frameworks, various reports about what some call twenty first century skills and reports about the skills and qualities most important for success in college. FOUR RIVERS GRADUATES ARE:

• They can use questions to help shape research.
• They can actively seek out, synthesize and apply new information.
• They can investigate a topic through a variety of sources, ideas and viewpoints.  

• They can extract ideas from a variety of learning experiences (reading, group work, lecture, discussion, hands-on activities) and synthesize them into a new understanding of a topic.
• They can independently understand, assess, synthesize and use information from different sources.
• They can develop a comprehensive understanding of a text, an experiment, a concept or idea by looking at its parts or components  

• They can demonstrate respect and appreciation for new perspectives with an open mind and a willingness to adapt their thinking.
• They can learn and apply a variety of means of creative expression to share ideas and information.
• They can use expressive, creative and focused language in their communication that engages a specific audience.

• They can design and test solutions to problems.
•They can collaborate effectively with peers as necessary to solve problems and complete tasks.
• They can find multiple ways to solve a problem and can share the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions.

• They can organize and share knowledge and ideas on a topic through speaking or writing or another means of communication.
• They can explain or demonstrate understanding of something that they learn, using appropriate tools, materials or language.  
• They can craft well-organized, articulate, compelling, and focused writing appropriate for a defined purpose and audience.  

They create products with CRAFTSMANSHIP and QUALITY
• They can craft, refine and polish a piece of work until it is of meeting quality.
• They can use feedback on their work to identify areas of strength and weakness and to take action toward improving themselves (as a student, community member or individual).
• They can complete work with consistent care for organization, detail, and accuracy.  

They develop ideas about SUSTAINABILITY
• How do we find the healthy, sustainable interrelationship of the natural world, technology in its many forms, and the human community?
• They can explain the concept of sustainability.
• They can generate ideas, original designs and possibly products that address the Four Rivers Essential Question.  

They develop strong CHARACTER
• They can take responsibility for completing work on time and with good faith effort.
• They can recognize their role in a community of learners and actively try to help to move the whole group forward.
• They can know how to persevere through something that they struggle with.
• They can have the courage to try new things or to tackle work that has been difficult for me; they are willing to stretch beyond their comfort zone.
• They can have academic integrity: they do their equal share in group work.
• They can respect the opinions of others, even when they disagree.